Last updated: 3/15/14. New things: A masterpost for all Fukawa’s School Mode, for all of Celes’ School Mode, for all of Oogami’s School Mode, for all of the School Mode underwear, for all of Ikusaba’s School Mode…and, also, an unattached Ikusaba School Mode snippet, an Ishimaru School Mode snippet, a Kirigiri School Mode snippet, and some Oowada School Mode snippets, and a lot of Kuwata School Mode snippets. Then, an in-progress mirror for Kuzuhiko’s LP, a Naegi incorrect answer and another one, Komaeda’s completed report card, Koizumi’s relationship chart, the NISA translation of Fukawa’s poem, and a Souda scene. Whew. Sorry for the wait!

These links used to be in the roleplay help masterpost, but they were starting to take up too much room. Also, I figure a complete masterpost for translations alone would be useful to far more than just the people in the roleplaying community.

So, here is every single canon piece of text related to the Dangan Ronpa series - from the games, the manga, the light novels, the artbooks, the creator interviews, the drama CDs, and so on - that’s currently translated into English.

Links are sorted by which part of the timeline they belong to, or which set of characters they’re about. As in, the Dangan Ronpa section contains both the first DR game, and every canon thing set during the DR timeline, and every canon thing about the DR characters.

There are a hell of a lot of Komaeda scenes in here. (Also, a really cute Alter Ego translation blog! Also, a bunch of other things.)

If I missed anything, send me an ask! If any of these links are broken, send me an ask for that too. It’s a lot of links to compile, and I appreciate the help!

Dangan Ronpa: Kirigiri:

Dangan Ronpa (+ Reload):


(Please note: beyond this point are spoilers for Dangan Ronpa. You are advised not to continue until you have finished reading the main story!)

Full cast-focused:

Multiple characters-focused (as in, some, but not all):

Monobear and/or side characters-focused:

Makoto Naegi-focused:

Hifumi Yamada-focused:

Leon Kuwata-focused:

Byakuya Togami-focused:

Kiyotaka Ishimaru-focused:

Mondo Oowada-focused:

Chihiro Fujisaki-focused:

Sayaka Maizono-focused:

Mukuro Ikusaba-focused:

Sakura Oogami-focused:

Kyouko Kirigiri-focused:

Celestia Ludenberg-focused:

Touko Fukawa and/or Genocider Syo-focused:

(Things for Dangan Ronpa that aren’t translated yet, but still:)

Dangan Ronpa: IF:

Dangan Ronpa Zero:

Zettai Zetsubou Shoujo - Dangan Ronpa Another Episode:

Super Dangan Ronpa 2:


Full cast-focused:

Multiple characters-focused (as in, some, but not all):

Nagito Komaeda-focused:

Byakuya Twogami-focused:

Nekomaru Nidai-focused:

Kazuichi Souda-focused:

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu-focused:

Peko Pekoyama-focused:

Mahiru Koizumi-focused:

Sonia Nevermind-focused:

Chiaki Nanami-focused:

Akane Owari-focused:

Both DR1 and SDR2, but not Reload:

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